Action Alert: Medicaid Expansion

17 Oct

Social Workers: Please join thousands of Ohioans to ask legislative leaders and Controlling Board members to make Ohioans more competitive, create good jobs, and make Ohio’s economy stronger by approving funding for Medicaid expansion.

There is a lot of pressure from a small, but vocal opposition, so we need you to act now!

Call legislative leaders and Controlling Board members using the call script below.

  • Senate President Keith Faber (614) 466-7584
  • Speaker of the House Bill Batchelder (614) 466-8140
  • Sen. Tom Sawyer (614) 466-7041
  • Sen. Bill Coley (614) 466-8072
  • Rep. Ron Amstutz (614) 466-1474
  • Sen. Pro Tempore Chris Widener (614) 466-3780
  • Rep. Chris Redfern (614) 644-6011
  • Rep. Cliff Rosenberger (614) 466-3506

Call Script: I support the expansion of Medicaid coverage because it will create 30,000 new jobs, and it will help Ohioans become more competitive and live better lives. Please approve funding for Medicaid expansion at the Ohio Controlling Board meeting on Monday. I believe the time to act is now. I thank you in advance for your thoughtful consideration and again urge a “Yes” vote on Monday.

For more information about the Medicaid Expansion and current advocacy efforts, please visit the NASW Ohio Chapter web page here.

Action Alert: Medicaid Expansion

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