Access To Records by Social Workers’ Clients

24 Jun

Federal and state law, and the NASW Code of Ethics, all have requirements for the release of  records to the client.  From time to time  social workers receive requests from clients for access to the notes or records  of the professional services provided.   Social workers who have been rigorously trained to protect clients’  privacy may be alarmed or disturbed by such requests and concerned about how to  respond appropriately.  This Legal Issue  of the Month article will address the legal and ethical provisions regarding  client access to social workers’ professional records.  Requests for access to records by a third  party or by the parents of minors are not covered in this article and are  referenced in other LDF resources.

Read entire article that references Code of Ethics; HIPAA; State Law; Exemptions, including prevention of harm, information provided by third parties and more…

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