ADHD: A Shared …

19 Sep

ADHD: A Shared Focus
Dorothy Martindale, MSW Student, Ohio State University
NASW Ohio Chapter Intern

Last Wednesday, a representative from ADHD: A Shared Focus met with Danielle Smith, NASW Ohio Chapter executive director, to further discuss how social workers could utilize their company as a resource for information regarding ADHD. As an intern at NASW this year, I have the opportunity to shadow Danielle throughout the day as she attends various committee meetings and presentations, and I was dazzled by the simplicity of this website/resource, and I’d like to share this with NASW members.

Visitors to the site can view information based on three different perspectives—People with ADHD, Parents & Caregivers, or U.S. Health Care Professionals.

People with ADHD section includes succinct information on both What is ADHD and What ADHD is Not, as well as information regarding What Causes ADHD. Directing clients to these links will assist social work professionals as they teach clients about ADHD. Are you unsure how to best explain to your clients with ADHD or to your clients who have loved ones with ADHD what is going on in the brain? Click here for a colorful and simple explanation. The Tips for Adults with ADHD tab can be utilized by social workers to direct clients to simple tips that may help them better function in various aspects of everyday life.

Parents & Caregivers section offers Symptom Checklists for children, teens and adults who may be showing signs of ADHD. Use these to help clients identify specific behaviors that might be causing them concern. The site also provides downloadable discussion guides How to Talk About ADHD that can be distributed to both teachers and families, as well as a Homework Log and Weekday Planner that can be used by both caregivers and professionals, alike, to help people with ADHD stay organized.

U.S. Health Care Professionals section is exclusive to health care professionals. Activating an account is easy and can be completed quickly. Upon activating an account, professionals will receive quarterly tips for care of children with ADHD, including what to do during a rainy day and how to calm school anxieties. In addition, there is information regarding screening and diagnosis of ADHD, further details of how to manage ADHD, an extensive list of recommended ADHD resources and much, much more.

To gain full access to the wealth of resources offered by this site, click here.

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