Ethical Practice: Self-Care

28 Aug

By: Deb Schneider-Murphy

NASW Member

Last week, in talking with Danielle and Adrienne, the professional group  in greatest demand in this country is soon to be Social Workers.  We have a promising number of students that are going into Social Work to fill this demand.  But, I also learned that we have a dismal rate of burnout, once we are in the field.  I feel deeply concerned about this. 

What is happening, in our culture and in our agencies that burnout is so common?  And what is happening on a personal level that so many of us are suffering? Knowing that systems take time to change, what can we do now to take better care of ourselves?

Disclaimer:  I’m not an expert at much of anything, except maybe making mistakes.  I’ve certainly burned out more than once myself.  I have a strong bias against advice and I don’t believe in one-solution-fits-all.  But I am old enough and experienced enough to have some pretty cool tools in my toolbox that have made my life a little easier.  Here’s one: 


ImageI have made it a practice to notice what lift my spirits.  The color purple, flowers, and giving do this for me. So, these flowers are for you!  May they be a small token of appreciation, and may they prompt you to reflect on the things you do every day that deserve recognition and support.

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