My Experience at the NASW

13 Jul

By Sarah Luker

NASW Ohio Chapter Intern

Being an intern at the NASW Ohio chapter is no walk in the park. Coming from Bowling Green Ohio to the grand downtown of Columbus was quite an adjustment I had to make. Not only this but, I had to prepare myself for a nine to five work day and getting up at a time where, in college, I would usually be going to bed.

Although it was a bit hard for me to adjust at first, being at the NASW has been rewarding in many ways. I have been able to understand the social work profession better than I ever thought that I would. I also never knew about all the coalitions and committees that the NASW is apart of, and how hard the staff works in order to make a difference in the profession and in the community.

Being an intern at the NASW has also changed my mind about CEU’s. Before becoming an intern I disliked the idea of them and the fact I had to do more work once I graduated college. I now truly think that CEU’s are needed in our profession because they are an essential way we keep up to date on new interventions/ strategies and being better able to serve others.

I think though that the most important thing that I am going to walk away with is a sense of pride for social work that I never had before. I have always loved this profession and what it does to change communities and help people, but never like this before. When people asked what my major was and what I wanted to do I would shyly answer their questions, because I knew what people thought of social workers and I didn’t want others to judge me based on my line of work. I know that the general public does not understand what we as social workers do or why we do it, but I’m not afraid to stand up for myself and the profession anymore. I have now put myself in a position where I try to change peoples mind about social workers, where I can be a teacher to those who do not understand. I personally carry this philosophy with me every where I go because you never know who you are going to run into.

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